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Le Boulou is at the crossroads of the Spanish border, the Mediterranean coast and the eastern Pyrenees mountains that give it an access to a major touristic flow. La Maison de l’Eau et de la Méditerranée is a public establishment. Its implantation corresponds to a political will to revitalize the heart of the city, but above all, to promote, through an innovative architecture, the cultural heritage on the federative and universal theme of water. Its vocation is to become aware of the vital preservation of our resources, as well as added value to the tourism and economic development of our city and our territory.




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For maintenances, the MAISON DE L’EAU ET DE LA MÉDITARRANÉE of Le Boulou can interrupt the site and in this case will endeavor to notify its users beforehand. The MAISON DE L’EAU ET DE LA MÉDITERRANÉE of Le Boulou makes every effort to provide users with available and verified information and / or tools, but can not be held responsible for errors, lack of availability of information and / or the presence of viruses on the site.




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The Maison de l’Eau et de la Méditerranée of Le Boulou strives to provide information as precise as possible on the site  The information on the site is not complete and the photos are not contractual. This information is subject to changes that have been made since they were posted online. The information indicated on the site is given as a guide only, and can be modified without notice.


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  1. In which cases do we have your data ?


If we have your data, it is because you gave us permission to :


  • Manage and monitor account creation and the relationship with users and customers in general ;
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  • Measure quality and satisfaction ;
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  1. What we collect


  • Contact form data


We collect the data you enter in the information request forms on our website.


We collect, for example, your email address, when you formulate an application for registration to our newsletter on the Maison de l’Eau et de la Méditerranée of Le Boulou or any other field value contained in the form.


  • Contact form


We also record the requests that you make from the buttons « CONTACT US » that are present on the cards that describe the establishment that we refer in our search engine.


  • Internet navigation data


The Maison de l’Eau et de la Méditerranée wishes to offer you the best possible experience to ensure you a better support in preparing your visit today, tomorrow and in the future. To achieve this, we need to understand your surfing habits and thus to be able to offer you a more personalized service offer. We record the content of your internet browsing, using the technology of cookies (see section 6 on the use of cookies).


  1. What we do with your personal data


We use your data with the aim of :


  • Managing and tracking customer account,
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  • Managing and tracking orders, payments and customer relations
  • Managing our sales and marketing strategy,
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  1. The data storage time


The retention period of your data is determined according to an objective specific to the Maison de l’Eau et de la Méditerranée in Le Boulou. Once this goal is reached, your data is archived, deleted or anonymized. Your personal data are thus kept and accessible by the operational services only the necessary time to fulfill the objective pursued during their collection.


If we collected your data at a given time but there was no solicitation of any kind from you, we delete that data after 3 years.


  1. Data transmission


The personal data that we possess is transmitted to the internal services of our company and to the possible subcontractors and partners.


Your data may also be transmitted in some cases to service providers outside the European Economic Area (EEA) guaranteeing the use of the same standards as our website.


  1. Your rights


Your data is personal, which is why you have the right to :


  • Access your data by sending an e-mail to and sending us a proof of identity,
  • Modify, correct or complete your personal data,
  • Give your data to other companies,
  • Limit the access of your data to certain organizations,
  • Ask us to delete all or part of the data you gave us,
  • Get a « right to be forgotten » if you ask us,
  • Oppose the treatment of your data by direct marketing.


  1. Control and security of your data


The privacy and security of your personal data is, and will remain, a most important priority for us. Your personal data are stored on servers hosted in France by the company NFRANCE. The hosting infrastructure is managed by our internet provider who ensures the protection of your personal data.


Website hosting :


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In order to secure your data, we use a number of security measures to protect the information we collect from you. When the pages are in secure HTTPS mode, the security protocol encrypts the content of the exchanges between the browser and the database servers. This prevents the personal data entered and sent via the forms contained in to be easily read by third parties during their transit. The measures we put in place protect you against any unlawful processing of your data, as well as against accidental loss, destruction or damage.


In the event of a major risk on, we will inform the data subjects of the data breaches that have occurred.


We also put in place additional security for the protection of sensitive information (health, sexual orientation, race, religion, political opinions…).


*We have listed what types of information we collect, when and why we use your personal information


*We explain when others may be able to see your identity


*We have clearly listed in which situations we transfer your personal information to anyone and we have included information about our personal information subcontractors


*We have included information explaining how long we keep your personal information, how to download or correct it


*We have included the contact details of our Data Protection Officer


  1. What is a cookie ?


Cookies are small text files that are automatically installed on your computer or device when you visit our websites.


  1. Purpose of cookies


We use cookies to make your visits and purchases on our sites more efficient. Cookies also allow us to improve navigation on our sites and understand your buying behavior.


  1. Our use of cookies


We use cookies to :


  • Memorize your login information,
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  • Gather information that can help us send you advertisements that suit your interests.
  • Memorize your browsing preferences such as your language, font size, page layout or favorite colors. All to allow you to browse our site faster and easier.
  • Collect analytical information to, for example, count the number of visitors to our websites and identify which pages of our sites you visit most often. We use the analytics data we collect for marketing and resource planning purposes.
  • Determine if our customers and visitors are easily adapting to the changes we can make to our websites.


  1. Collected information through cookies


Cookies help us to collect information about how you use our website, but we do not store any information that personally identifies you in our cookie data. We only record a unique session ID that will help us find a user profile and your preferences on your next visit.



  1. Types of cookies


  • Session Cookies : Cookies of this type are temporarily stored on your computer or device during a browser session. They are deleted from your computer or device at the end of the browsing session.
  • Permanent cookies : Cookies of this type stay longer on your computer. Permanent cookies help us recognize you when we need to know who you are for more than one browsing session.


  1. Cookie management


You can, if you want, activate or deactivate the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings of your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc…).


The menu of most browsers has options to manage your cookies by setting or configuring your cookie settings. Generally, the browser offers you the possibility to :


  • To post your cookies;
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Please note that if you choose to block our cookies, most of the features of this site will be deactivated (including registration, the ability to post an opinion or any other interaction) and your browsing may also be affected. If you set your browser options to delete all cookies, your browsing preferences will be erased when you close your browser.


Please note that unless you have set your browser settings to refuse cookies, our system will issue cookies as soon as you visit one of our sites.


  1. Additional information about cookies


The CNIL (national information science and liberties commission) has published several articles on the update of the RGPD, in particular on the tools allowing you to control cookies :


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